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The New ARO PD01P Quarter Inch Diaphragm Pump

Posted by Admin on 05 Nov : 05:24

ARO Launch a newly revised 1/4" Diaphragm Pump

ARO have been dropping hints at the release of their new quarter inch pump for a while now and it is finally available. We thought we'd take a quick look at the latest pump from ARO and compare it to its predecessor, the PD02P, so we can see some of the main differences and features of the new unit.

More info:

Telephone: 0208 552 1172 | Facsimile: 0208 470 4617 or find out more details right here.

Wilden Shift Up a Gear

Posted by Admin on 22 Jul : 05:55

Wilden to introduce new Air Valve configuration

In mid-June Wilden Pumps, part of the Pump Solutions Group, made a market leading announcement, introducing their newly redesigned air valve for Wilden series pumps. The new Pro-Flo Shift air valve is undoubtedly a very large step forward in air valve technology indeed. The new design blows all the competition out of the window and can offer roughly 40-50% air consumption reduction. On a factory or large process situation this could result in astonishing quantities of money saved. The new valve also has numerous other cost saving benefits, including simple design, minimal wearing parts and a far lower stroke count than any of the competitor pumps.

Below is a quick summary video of the basic changes and benefits with the Pro-flo Shift valve. Wilden (not suprisingly) are very confidently marketing this new technological leap on many platforms, so we will include some extra links to their own information on their website, of which there is plenty!

We believe these pumps are going to make a huge difference to the industry in costs, maintenance, performance, reliability and user confidence. We cannot impress how much of a cost saving these new units could be for clients, even with the outlay of investing into the new style pumps. Keep your eyes peeled for other large manufacturers trying to play catch up in the coming months to this amazing leap.

More info:

Telephone: 0208 552 1172 | Facsimile: 0208 470 4617 or find out more details right here.

Catering for all..

Posted by Admin on 22 Jul : 05:34

The more the merry!

As our regular customers will already know, and some have had the privilege of speaking to the man in question; we have recently taken on new staff to help us keep up with the ever increasing demand on our popular Diaphragm Pump ranges. We would like to introduce & welcome our latest employee Matthew Rayner to our team. Matt has joined us to help out with everything in the office from sales to repairs, so if you have any enquiries feel free to give us a ring and have a chat. Matt is also a keen gardener with years of knowledge, so if you need some free gardening advice before you order - ask quickly!

Telephone: 0208 552 1172 | Facsimile: 0208 470 4617 or find out more details right here.

ARO Sneak-Peek: PD01 1/4" Size Pump

Posted by Admin on 07 Jun : 06:37

ARO Sneak-Peek: PD01 1/4" Size Pump

This week ARO / Ingersoll Rand have announced that they will soon be unveiling a new offering to the fluid industry designed to cater more toward the smaller, electronically managed dosing applications. The 'Dragonfly' unit will be a 1/4" diaphragm pump (replacing the old PD02 series) and has been created to give the end user greater controllability of their process with reliable, non-stall, non-icing air valve technology. The 'Dragonfly' is teaming with all the latest features from the popular EXP range, and is capable of performing stroke counting and leak detection, whilst still giving 20 - 40% more efficiency than competitor pumps. The industry is excited, are you?

We are hoping to see this pump officially launched by the end of the month - at which time we will include more information on the specification, features and pricing on the new Dragonfly unit. In the mean time we will leave you with this picture to tease you. Check back soon for more information.

Telephone: 0208 552 1172 | Facsimile: 0208 470 4617 or find out more details right here.

Pump Re-conditioning, Overhauls and Repairs

Posted by Admin on 29 May : 07:07

Pump Re-conditioning, Overhauls and Repairs

Behind every organisation, manufacturing process and fluid transfer there is a wealth of specialised industrial equipment that makes your process function. With a lot of plant and machinery it is often the case that as units become obsolete, parts degrade or items simply fall into disrepair these once expensive tool investments eventually become disused and forgotten over the passage of time. If you are using diaphragm pumps, as the units are relatively simple in construction, old units, broken pumps and worn seals can easily and cost-effectively renovated - making a pile of parts once again become a useful tool within your operational process, or even a handy backup pump.

As an air operated tool specialist, we can inspect and quote for all your double diaphragm pump requirements. We are UK distributors for all the major pump manufacturers, including ARO, Wilden, DEPA, Graco, Versa-MATIC!, Ingersoll-Rand and many others. We stock any necessary wearing items and can generally have your pump back to your workshop and ready to go back on duty within two days (est.).

You can now reach us on Skype and speak to us for free! Look out for this icon and give it a click: My status

If you prefer to use the time honored methods of phone and fax, you can find out numbers right below!

Telephone: 0208 552 1172 | Facsimile: 0208 470 4617 or find out more details right here.

Skype @ Air Pumping Ltd.

Posted by Admin on 18 Jan : 04:18

Chat to the pumpers

With the rise of the internet, phones, tablets and more and more connectivity solutions, we thought it would only be right for us to pass the benefit of this indulgence of communications onto our customers. As some of our clients are aware, we have had a long running Skype account that those of you who wish to can contact our sales team (Mr Paul Cienciala - Tech Expert) could do so via. This service allows you to reach us FOR FREE, any time during our opening hours of 9am until roughly 6pm (G.M.T.). We have expanded this feature into our new site redesign, and invested in the latest technology so you can now talk to us with just the click of a link.

The service is free to join, and comes already installed on the majority of recent Android and Apple phones, as well as a lot of computers. You can also use your old Microsoft Live ID (MSN, Hotmail, Outlook) to log in to Skype and start making calls. The service offers Audio, Video and Text chat, so you can take your pick of the easiest way for you to talk to us. Another step toward helping you to solve your process problems as soon as is humanly possible.

To sign up for a free Skype account, please click here: Free Skype Account

To get in touch with us look out for this icon and give it a click: My status

2013.. lucky for some!

Posted by Admin on 12 Dec : 06:49

The Perfect Process Pump

After the fun of the festive season we are once again open for another year of solution based pumping, helping our customers find the best ways to transfer fluid around site. After such a busy annual period we look forward to hearing from all of our customers and wish you all success in the coming year. As a treat we thought we would include a lovely picture of a pump to put a smile on your face!

ARO Fluid Training

Posted by Admin on 12 Dec : 06:48

Fluid Product Training

Paris was the place to be during the dying days of November, the location for this years 2012 ARO Fluid Product Training course. Located at the ARO Solutions Centre in Bussy St. Georges roughly 25 miles outside of Paris, some of ARO's leading distributors where in attendance for the latest updates, training and product demonstrations.

The week was split into various sections, comprising of sales based training, technical information, and hands-on orientated pump familiarisation in ARO's own workshops, all led by probably the most knowledgeable process pump expert Fausto Lotti and skilled his team. From the Air Pumping camp, Paul Burpitt was sent as our spokesman. Keen to learn and help keep Air Pumping at the forefront of the industry sector, Paul has been involved with the diaphragm pump industry for around ten years now.

The week was a tough one, with a full of barrage of information being hurled at the hungry trainees. New upcoming pump ranges were covered along with past and current products available from ARO, so many pumps the bund was near to overflowing!

2012 / 2013 Christmas Trading Times

Posted by Admin on 31 Oct : 05:45


  • Thursday 20th of December 2012
  • Friday 21st of December 2012
  • Monday 24th of December 2012
  • Tuesday 25th of December 2012
  • Wednesday 26th of December 2012
  • Thursday 27th of December 2012
  • Friday 28th of December 2012
  • Monday 31st of December 2013
  • Tuesday 1st of January 2013
  • Wednesday 2nd of January 2013
  • Thursday 3rd of January 2013
  • Last Accepted Orders
  • 8.00am - 12.00pm
  • 9.00am - 5.00pm

APES on Video

Posted by Admin on 07 Sep : 06:56

Professional Film Action

Air Pumping Engineering Services were recently contacted by Local Stars to allow them some space to take generic video material of how our pumps work! You can see our famous engineer John Lee in the footage too. Some of you may recognise him from other TV appearances such as Emmerdale and Cafè Racers (The Discovery Channel)!!

If you would like your own full feature advert contact visit and send the team and email.

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