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Air Pumping Ltd. - Spring Time Savers!

Posted by Admin on 04 Mar : 09:14
"Pump on a stick - if only they grew on trees!!!""

Air Pumping Ltd. are proud to offer one of our latest deals (stay tuned as this isn't the last!!) - the ARO DRUM PUMP. These little units are perfect for workshop and industry application and come with all the fittings to get you set up and started. You merely plug in your airline and outlet and pump away!!

The pumps come mounted on a solid base, which suspend the unit above the barrel or bund application. The unique bung adapter is situated on the lower section of the mounting plate, giving the whole system a stable and integral platform. Dip tubes are supplied with the pump already as well, so it's almost a 5-minute job to screw this onto your barrel, connect up and start pumping with ease! These are perfect for replacing arduous and messy hand-pump units and can be fitted with a range of ancillaries for e.g. stroke counters on the pump to enable you to batch count your output / delivery!! So much versatility from such a small and unique pump. Please check out the links below to find out more information on these deals, including prices and spec sheets!

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