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Air Pumping Ltd. - Buncefield Oil Storage Terminal

Posted by Admin on 15 Apr : 06:02
"Getting back on its feet.."

Before the fire devastated over a quarter of the 50 acre terminal site, the depot was a major hub on the UK oil pipeline network (UKOP) with runs leading all over the country from Merseyside to Gatwick Airport. As the fifth largest depot in the UK, it had a capacity of approximately 60 million gallons (273 million litres) of fuel whilst servicing up to 400 tankers per day, equating to around 2.37 million tonnes of oil products moved and pumped with the support of air operated equipment every year.
In order for the terminal and operations to reopen, BP and its subsideries have been ordered to meet a series of 50 stringent new conditions and checks to guarantee the safety of nearby residents, employees and surrounding areas, totaling millions of pounds in costs. The imminent recommencement of the site is obviously of huge concern to local people, safety experts, staff, and everyone involved - so it is of great importance that throughout this and into the future of Buncefield, all involved parties are operating with the upmost concern to current procedures and safety levels. With this in mind the quality of pumps that we need to supply to site has to be of the highest standard; fully certified, compliant to on-site requirements, and most importantly fully groundable and ATEX approved. Nothing is over-looked in specification. Air Pumping units have been used in a variety of different guises within the petrol and petro-chemical industries, whether it's on a bunded application for transfering trapped rain water & leaking tanks, or portablised units for on-site clean up and spillage suction, Air Pumping diaphragm pumps are always guaranteed to reach all safety requirements and compliancies, whether hired or purchased!!

Air Pumping Ltd, leading the servicing and hire sectors for the petro-chemical industries.

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