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Skype @ Air Pumping Ltd.

Posted by Admin on 18 Jan : 04:18

Chat to the pumpers

With the rise of the internet, phones, tablets and more and more connectivity solutions, we thought it would only be right for us to pass the benefit of this indulgence of communications onto our customers. As some of our clients are aware, we have had a long running Skype account that those of you who wish to can contact our sales team (Mr Paul Cienciala - Tech Expert) could do so via. This service allows you to reach us FOR FREE, any time during our opening hours of 9am until roughly 6pm (G.M.T.). We have expanded this feature into our new site redesign, and invested in the latest technology so you can now talk to us with just the click of a link.

The service is free to join, and comes already installed on the majority of recent Android and Apple phones, as well as a lot of computers. You can also use your old Microsoft Live ID (MSN, Hotmail, Outlook) to log in to Skype and start making calls. The service offers Audio, Video and Text chat, so you can take your pick of the easiest way for you to talk to us. Another step toward helping you to solve your process problems as soon as is humanly possible.

To sign up for a free Skype account, please click here: Free Skype Account

To get in touch with us look out for this icon and give it a click: My status