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Award for Excellence!

Posted by Admin on 03 Feb : 05:24

Air Pumping become Axflow's Distributor of the Year 2013

The trading year of 2013 - 2014 was a popular year for our Wilden Pumps distribution arm of Air Pumping managing to scoop the Top Distributor Award for the past year of trading with the help of you, our loyal fellow pumpers! Air Pumping Ltd. has been distributing, servicing and repairing Wilden products now for over 35 years.

Wilden units were actually some of our very first AODD pumps to be repaired, serviced and re-installed on site. It's clear to see that word of our expertise spread and we are still here doing it now!! You can see how thing's have changed over the years when you take a look at our Founder Jeffrey Burpitt in an early shot back in our 'loft days'.

Distributor of the year 2013-2014

Recent picture of the sales team from left to right: Matt Rayner (AP), Patrick Pinnell (AP), Margaret Long (Axflow), Carol Burpitt (AP), Geoff Whitbread (Axflow), Paul Cienciala (AP).

Thanks to Axflow for their continued support!

You can contact us via e-mail in the normal fashion, fax or drop into the shop! Click here for our full contact details and options. You can reach us on our normal phone line numbers, 0208 470 8721 or 0208 552 1172!