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Graco Pumps: Husky™ 205 Spec

Graco Pumps: Husky™ 205

The Husky™ is the smallest pump in the Graco air operated double diaphragm pump range. This should not be misleading this pump works hard to move a wide variety of fluids (solvents, acids, bases and low viscosity coatings, lubricants and adhesives). This pump is known as a dosing, metering, chemical feed, circulation and analyser pump.

  • Superior performance compared to the competition
  • Dead head capabilities - no bypass required for corrosive chemical materials
  • Lowcost, compact design
  • External 4way solenoid air-valve option
  • Handles a wide variety of fluid

In addition the pump is available with ports for external air solenoid valve operation. This 4-way valve controls the cycle rate of the pump so precise dosing can be achieved at a lower cost to you. The 205 can handle simple on/off operations or continuous ciculation jobs.

Max Flow 18.9 LPM 5 GPM
Max Pump Speed 320 CPM (DRY) 250 CPM (WET)
Volume Per Stroke 23cc 0.006 gallon
Volume Per Cycle 46cc 0.012 gallon
Solids 1.5mm 0.06"
Max Air Consumption 0.252 m³/min 9.0 scfm
Air In 1/4" NPT / BSP
Fluid Inlet 1/4" NPT / BSP
Fluid Outlet 1/4" NPT / BSP
Max Temperature 82ºc

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