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Graco Pumps: Husky™ 307 Spec

Graco Husky™ 307 Pump

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ATEX | POLY (1.54mb)

The Husky™ diaphragm pump is designed to operate at low air pressure while delivering a smooth, reliable flow. Husky 307 pumps are ideal for transferring a wide variety of fluids. Two models are available:
  • Acetal wetted construction suitable for water, solvent and petroleum based fluids, with either Teflon or Hytrel diaphragms and ball checks.
  • Polypropylene wetted construction for most acids and caustic fluids with either Teflon or Hytrel diaphragms and ball checks.

New Air Design

The Husky™ features Graco's new patented air valve design with the following advantages:

  • Simplified design, 6 bolts and no spools or pilot valves
  • Lubricated air is not required
  • Efficient air usage by valve increases air cost savings
  • Air valve will operate on as little as 1.4bar (0.1 MPA) allowing slow cycle rates for sensitive fluids or spray applications
  • Rest button offers convenient re-starting in tough conditions

Max Flow 24.6 l/min (Teflon) 26.5 l/min (Hytrel)
Max Pump Speed 330 CPM
Vol Per Cycle 0.076 l/cycle (Teflon) 0.079 l/cycle (Hytrel)
Solids 1.6mm
Air Inlet 1/4" NPT/BSP
Max Temp Limits 4.4ºc - 65.5ºc
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPT/BSP
Fluid Outlet 3/8" NPT/BSP
Max Suction Lift 3.7m DRY 6.4m WET

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