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Graco Pumps: Husky™ 515/716 Spec

Graco Pumps: Husky™ 515/716

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(22.4 k)

The Husky™ 515/716 pumps make the perfect drum pump since they are free of rotating parts and are made of materials such as polypropylene, acetal, aluminium and stainless steel. A variety of packages are designed for compatibility with virtually all liquids.

These drum pumps are excellent for abrasive, shear sensitive fluids and low to medium viscosity fluids. Husky™ diaphragm pumps can run dry without damage and handle solids up to 2.5mm. Intake tubes are available in polyproylene, aluminium and stainless steel.
"Easy out seal" available in stainless steel, acetal and polyproylene. The Bung adapter fits any standard 2" outlet, creating an air tight seal and covering up to 2 1/2" outlets.

  • Excellent for abrasive, low to medium viscosity fluids and shear sensitive materials
  • Pump is never immersed in fluid, only suction leg
  • Quick priming and immediate output
  • Pump will handle viscosity up to 5,000 CPS
  • Can be run dry without causing damage
  • Provides air tight seal for moisture sensitive fluids
  • "Easy out seal" provides fast slide in/out of drums through bung adapter without disconnecting hoses

Max Flow Rate 57.0 l/min (Husky™ 515 ) 12 GPM
67.0 l/min (Husky™ 716 ) 14 GPM
Max Pump Speed 400 CPM
Gallons per Cycle 0.15 l/cycle (0.04 Gallons)
Solids Pumped 2.5mm 3/32"
Air Inlet 1/4" NPT / BSP
Fluid Inlet 3/4" (Husky™ 515 )
3/4" (Husky™ 716 )
Fluid Outlet 1/2" & 3/4" (Husky 515 )
3/4" (Husky 716 )
Max Air Consumption 0.672 m³/min 28 SCFM

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