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SSP Pumps: Obselete Spares Deals

SSP & Sanseal Pumps

Obselete Pump Spares

We still have a large stock of obselete B-series air motor, SSP / Sanseal / ARO spares up for grabs, obselete shafts, centre sleeves, o-rings and diaphragms! Break out your obselete pump stock and start refurbing!

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P.T.F.E. Teflon Diaphragms

Part no: RPO295

Price: £75.00 each

Quantity: 7

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Backup Washers

Backup diaphragms to suit RPO295

Part no: RPO522

Price: £9.95 each

Quantity: 20

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Center Shaft

Part no: 92753

Price: £105.00 each

Quantity: only 2 left!

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Center Sleeve

Part no: 92754

Price: £95.00 each

Quantity: only 3 left!

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Full Service Kit


Contains Center Shaft (92753), Center Sleve (92754), new teflon o-rings, new o-rings and seal kit for air motor overhaul

Price: £250.00 each

Quantity: only 2 left!

We specialise in Sanseal / SSP diaphragm pump spares. Please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements!