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The SandPIPER group of companies have been a leading name in the pumping industry for nearly 35 years. Their extensive and varied range of quality pumps ensures the customer receives the ideal pump for any pumping problem.
From thin corrosive liquids to thick abrasive slurries or creams, to very high viscosity pastes, SandPIPER has the pump to suit the toughest pumping application. SandPIPER pumps are in use throughout the world handling products such as ceramic slip, coal slurries, radioactive waste, paints and solvents, inks, sludge, effluent and many other viscous and harmful slurries. Being glandless, these pumps are designed to pump practically anything that flows or can be squeezed from a tube. Incredibly simple to install and operate, and extremely reliable in operation, these pumps are very popular in the heavy industries.

SandPIPER 'S' Range

The most versatile pump series with either flap valves for solid handling or ball valves for viscous slurries, this is SandPIPER's standard pump range which covers all pumping materials. In 1" - 3" sizes and capacities up to 240 gallons per minute, they are constructed with any material from cast to plastics (specified by customer) and a wide range of diaphragm elastomer options to suit any pumping application.


This lightweight, plastic double diaphragm pump is available in only ¼" size with capacity to 4 gallons per minute. The series are suitable for a wide range of corrosive liquids, e.g. acids, alkaline cleaners, pickling, plating and photographic solutions.
The PB passes acid tests and is of rugged, all-bolted construction with no clamps. Models are available in PVDF, Nylon, Conductive Acetal and Polypropylene Specially-coated, chemically-resistant hardware. Optional spill containment and leak detection is also available for extra safety when using hazardous liquids.

Sandpiper 'UL'

UL79 Certified pumps are available for the transfer of flammable liquids: fuel, fuel oil and gasoline.

We supply a large range of Sandpiper pumps, including high pressure, sanitary, gas, heavy duty ball or flap valve, submersible and more. If you would like more information on any of the above mentioned ranges, or any ranges that are not mentioned on the site please contact Air Pumping via email or phone to discuss your needs, there's a SandPIPER for every situation!