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Benefits of Using Blagdon Pumps

Blagdon offer an extensive pump range from handling fluid media safely and cost effectively. We offer low cost ownership by combining high quality wear parts with low prices spares and a vast array of accessories. A flexible modular design of pumps means we can offer short lead times and a high degree of customising opportunities. Our experienced staff can provide instant support for installation, servicing, maintenance or a technical enquiry. We offer a fast spares delivery service, many items being in stock for immediate delivery.

  • Blagdon Pumps can run dry without damage or danger
    Stainless Hygienic Blagdon Pumps
  • They are fully submersible
  • They are designed to operate at low noise levels
  • They have leak-free air valves that are easily removed for sevicing
  • They can be easily mainitained
  • They can be stripped down quickly without any specialist tools
  • They are self-priming to over 6 metres
  • They are pressure balanced
  • They stall if discharge is closed and restart when discharge is opened so avoiding heat build up and wearing of components
  • They have minimum product agitation
  • They have long stroke, slow speed cycling capability for low initial break out
  • They are portable and compact-can be remotely controlled and fully packaged
  • Safe in hazardous areas, no sparking, air-driven

Blagdon offer a wide range of pumps, please choose from one of the main categories on the left, Metallic, or Plastic. The metallic range is fully Atex approved, suitable for all duties.

Blagdon also offer a range of other specialist pumps including Hygienic, Centrifugal Submersible and High Pressure units.

If you would like more information on these units please feel free to contact Air Pumping to discuss further details in your needs and requirements.