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SandPIPER Company Info


Company Info

The name SandPIPER originated during the development of the first Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pump by Warren Rupp. AODD pumps were designed to handle solids of any appreciable size. To accelerate wear during the development of the pump, a slurry of very abrasive silica sand was continuously cycled through the pump. The sand slurry often wore through the piping before the pump failed. Since the sand was pumped through a pipe, Warren E. Rupp, the company founder, named the pump the SANDPIPER.

The SandPIPER brand now includes:

  • Heavy Duty Diaphragm Pumps (with Balls)
  • Heavy Duty Diaphragm Pumps (with flaps)
  • Containment Duty Pumps (metallic and non-metallic)
  • Standard Duty Diaphragm Pumps (metallic and non-metallic)
  • High Pressure / Ratio Duty Pumps
  • Special Duty - UL fuel pumps, filter press, USDA, mine construction, natural gas-operated, dewatering and waste water

Metallic Materials

  • • Aluminium
  • • Cast Iron
  • • Stainless Steel
  • • Alloy C •

Non-Metallic Materials

  • • Polypropylene
  • • PVDF
  • • Nylon
  • • Conductive Acetal •


Feel free to browse the categories to the top-right to view more information on various SandPIPER models, or you can contact our friendly sales staff and let them spec the pump for you.