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Fluidair manufacture and supply air compressors and a full range of complimentary ancillary air treatment products to the world market.


The range of RS screw compressors cover from 4kw up to 160kw supplying small and large businesses alike. The compressors are designed to give high performance along with efficiency (energy saving) whilst still offering reliability and customer confidence. With dirt filtration down to 0.01 microns and remaining oil content down to 0.003mg/m3 all typical applications (e.g. paint spraying and food processing) can be catered for.


The full range of 'FRD' refrigerant dryers and 'FDD' Desiccant dryers offer 'dew points' for every factory application. The dryers ensure that no moisture will enter the air system and thus possibly cause expensive damage to either control valves or end product.


The Fluidair range of 'FP' filters provide piece of mind that the air systems are receiving good clean air. With dirt filtration down to 0.01 microns and remaining oil content down to 0.003mg/m3 for all applications from spray painting to ink transfers are receiving the correct air quality.

Oil / Water Separators

The 'FCC' range of oil / water condensate cleaners allow for effluent condensate from the compressed air system to be discharged legally in accordance with the "Water Resources Act".

In-Line Filter Elements

A full range of competitive in-line filter elements are available for most other leading filter manufacturers. Pleated filter media and greater cross sectional filter area provide uncompromised filter efficiency.

Air Pumping is proud to offer a full range from FluidAir. If you are interested in seeing more products or discussing supply in further detail, feel free to contact the friendly Air Pumping sales team who will guide you through the process of selecting the correct compressor system for your business.