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Norgren offers an unrivalled range of added value services designed to save time, provide up to the minute information and make doing business easy. Air Pumping's sales engineers are on hand to apply their expertise to help with product selection, single sourcing, circuit and control system design and customised training.

From the ultra fine control of a dosing valve for a child’s respirator, to the arduous environment of on-board vehicle suspension systems, Norgren is committed to optimising technological performance for its customers’ advantage. Norgren’s systems are engineered for flexibility based on strong product fundamentals. Application specific solutions frequently involve integrated or modular combinations of actuator, control valve and air preparation technologies.

Within the field of motion control Norgren develops complete solutions for automation applications and within the field of fluid control Norgren combines the proven brands of Herion, Buschjost, KIP and Webber to offer extensive solutions for the handling of air, water, oil and other fluids.

We have listed some basic valve, cylinders and actuators commonly used within industry, all found on the subpages accessible on the top right Norgen Pneumatics menu. We have access to the full Norgren Pneumatics range, should there be something you would like to enquire apon then do please get in contact with us.

The original sketches for the worlds first inline air filter & oiler