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Circulatory coach radiator purging system
Arriva Bus
Anti-freeze and water mixing units to 50% mix
Supply and hire of petro-chemical pumps
Irish Rail
Integrated oil & coolant interchange system

Lube System
Sun Chemical
UV ink process system
Mobile waste oil recovery system

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Previous Air Pumping Jobs

Air Pumping has been operating in the process industry for 30 years now, offering complete bespoke packages and systems to its customers, along with fitting services and pipework installations to keep your fluid transfer flowing.

Over the years we have built up an impressive resumè of custom pumps, installations and systems, unique products to our company, which are often so infinitely configurable that with a small amount of work they can be adapted to suit your next transfer.

AirLinks: Feltham Depot
Job Completed:
Description of works: Portable circulating system for purging coach radiator internals with a Citric Acid/Water dilution.

Arriva: Sunderland Counties
Job Completed:
Description of works: 6 Sunderland Arriva garages where anti-freeze and water mixing units where required to be fitted, along with ancillaries and associated pipe-work.

Buncefield: Oil Storage Terminal
Job Completed: Ongoing
Description of works: Supply and hire of multiple pumps and applications to help with the Buncefield regeneration and cleanup process.

Irish Rail: Inchicore / Drogheda
Job Completed:
Description of works: Integrated oil & coolant interchange system.

Metronet Rail: Northumberland Depot
Job Completed: 09-2006
Description of works: Lubrication delivery system for swarf crusher on train wheel lathe.

Sun Chemical: South Normanton
Job Completed: Current Contract
Description of works: Supplying, commissioning and service schedule for brand new state-of-the-art UV ink system.

Translink: York Road, Bristol Depot
Job Completed: 09-2003
Description of works: Mobile waste oil recovery system.